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~~~~~Chapter 12~~~~~

Peter, Susan, Lucy and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver were walking on hour after hour into what seemed a delicious dream. They were happy because they felt spring instead of winter. They smelt lovely scents and saw blubells and a kingfisher. Also they saw a lot of things that showed that spring was coming. They realized Aslan came to Narnia.

Mr. Beaver began leading them uphill across some very deep, springy moss. They climbed for a long time that made them all pant. They arrived at the top.

They saw the sea and a gray stone supported on four upright stones. It looked very old. And they saw a pavilion. It was wonderful.

At last, they saw Aslan with a crowd of creatures. Aslan stood in the center of them. That shape looked like a half-moon.

They didn't go because they thought Aslan had a dreadful face. Aslan said, "Welcome, Peter, Son of Adam, Welcome, Susan and Lucy, Daughters of Eve. Welcome He-Beaver and She-Beaver." and he asked them where the fourth was. They explained. Aslan said nothing. Lucy asked Aslan to save Edmund. Aslan said he would do but it may be harder than you thought.

Aslan said to Peter that Aslan would want him to see the far-off sight of the castle where Peter would be King. Peter followed Aslan. Aslan pointed at Cair Paravel of the four thrones. He said Peter would be High King over all the rest. Peter said nothing. At that moment a strange noise broke the silence. "It is your sister's horn." said Aslan.
For a moment Peter didn't understand and Peter listened Aslan's shouting voice. Then Peter understood what happened.

Peter met a wolf alone. So, Peter had to fight the dangerous wolf. At first, Peter wasn't good at using his sword. However, in a moment of bewilderment, he killed it. He felt tired.

"Quick! Quick!" shouted Aslan. Aslan saw another wolf in the thickets but missed it.

Aslan said, "You have forgotten to clean your sword." So Peter stooped down and wiped his sword and his shield on the grass.

Aslan said to hand it to him and ordered Peter to kneel. Peter knelt. Then Aslan said, "Rise up, Sir Peter Wolf's-Bane. And, whatever happens, never forget to wipe your sword."

================= My Feeling about Chapter 12 ====================
I don't believe that Peter killed a wolf!!! I thought when he met a dangerous thing, he certainly escaped or yelled for help. I wondered what Aslan said, "But it may be harder than you think." I wanted to know it means.

♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ Settings ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪

On the ground in Narnia.

1. They saw many things that showed spring was coming.

2. They met Aslan with many animals.

3. Aslan and Peter talked

4. Peter killed a wolf.

5. Aslan said something to Peter.

Chapter 11

While Edmund spent his time, the dwarf finished preparing the witch's sledge. Edmund requested some Turkish Delight from her. She said, "Silence, fool!" and clapped her hands. Then, another dwarf appeared. She ordered the dwarf to give Edmund some food and drink. The dwarf went away.

The dwarf brought him some water and dry bread. Edmund said, "Take it away. I don't want dry bread." However, the witch frowned her face and then he started to eat. It was so stale he could hardly get it down.

While he was still chewing, the first dwarf came back and said the sledge was ready. The witch rose and went out of the hall with Edmund.

He sat down on the sledge beside her. She called Maugrim who was a wolf and he came. She said, "Take with you the swiftest of your wolves and go at once to the house of the Beavers, and kill whatever you find there." Also she said if they find them, what she would do. (Question) They promised to obey her and started to go to the stone table. They were as fast as a galloping horse.

After a few minutes, Maugrim had called another wolf and was with him down on the dam and sniffing at the Beaver's house. Of course they found it empty.

Meanwhile the dwarf whipped the reindeer, they started to run. Edmund felt cold because he didn't wear a coat. He would have liked to have met the others at that moment, even Peter.

As they travelled to travelled , the witch said, "What have we here? Stop!" The dwarf stopped. Edmund thought that she said let's eat some breakfast, but she had stopped for a different reason. They walked a little, they saw squirrels, satyrs, a dwarf and an old dog-fox. The dwarf and animals had been enjoying a merry party. She asked them,"What is the meaning of this?" Nobody answered. Then she spoke something angrily, then one fox said, " If I might make so bold as to drink your Majesty's very good health--------" "Who gave them to you?" said the witch. The fox stammered, "F-F-F-Father Christmas." She was surprised because he hadn't been here since she used magic.
She killed them and gave Edmund the food that they ate.

They started to run again.
The reindeer weren't running as well as they had been running up till now because the air grew foggier and warmer and the reindeer were tired. The sledge ran slower and slower.

The dwarf said to her they couldn't go with the sledge. It was becoming Spring. There were many flowers and they felt hot with their coats. So, the witch decided to walk. The witch ordered the dwarf, "Do as you're told. Tie the hands of the human creature behind it and keep hold of the end of the rope. And take your whip. And cut the harness of the reindeer; they'll find their own way home."
The dwarf obeyed her. So, Edmund was the first , the dwarf was the second and the witch was the last in a row as they walked.

While they walked, they realized this was spring. The dwarf said this was spring. her winter had been destroyed, this was Aslan's doing. Then the witch said, "If either of you mentions that name again, he shall instantly be killed."

==============MY FEELING ABOUT THIS CHAPTER 11=========
I guess that Aslan has a lot of power. The witch was cruel. I wanted Edmund to escape from her.


On the ground

Ⅰ. They walked.
Ⅱ. They met somebody and the witch killed them.
Ⅲ. They walked on the ground that felt like spring.

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★Chapter 10★

◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎STORY SUMMARY◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎
Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Mr. and Mrs. Beaver started to pick up sacks and lay them down. Mrs. Beaver carried sacks for a long time. They told her to stop carrying sacks but she didn't.

After she finished, they started an adventure. They stopped in an old hiding-place for beavers in bad times. They ate something and slept easily. They woke up and felt a little cold and dreadfully stiff. They heard some jingling bells.

Mr. Beaver went out of the cave. They imagined that the witch had caught him. Mr. Beaver shouted,"It's all right. It isn't her!" They went out of the cave, too. Mr. Beaver said the witch's power was already crumbling. They didn't understand, so they asked him how he knew. Mr. Beaver said, "That she'd made it always winter and never Christmas? Didn't I tell you? Well, just come and see!"

They saw a man. He was a huge man and wore a bright red robe and a hood. Also he had fur inside it and a great white beard.

Everyone knew him because they saw him many times. However, they hadn't seen him in person. He was a Father Christmas.

He said, "The witch's magic is weakening." He gave them presents. Mr. and Mrs. Beaver received a sewing machine and a new house. Peter received a shield and a sword. Susan received a bow and a quiver full of arrows and a little ivory horn. At last, Lucy received a little bottle of what looked like glass and a small dagger. Father Christmas said, " In this bottle, there is a cordial made of the juice of one of the fire-flowers that grow in the mountains ofthe sun. If you or any of your friends is hurt, a few drops of this will restore them."

He left them and they started to walk. They ate breakfast in the hiding-place for beavers.. They enjoyed themselves.

◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈ My feeling about this chapter◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈◈
I like this chapter because no one got hurt. Also I like Father Christmas. I want to read more
because I want to know their present's power.

The Beaver's house

The hiding-place for beavers

On the ground ( they met Father Christmas)

The hiding-place for beavers

Chapter 9

===============Story Summary=========================================
Edmund ran away from Peter, Susan, Lucy, Mr. Beaver and Mrs. Beaver. (He as expected wanted to eat Turkish Delight and he thought that the witch better than that awful Aslan) He, as expected, wanted to eat Turkish Delight. Also, he thought that the witch was better than that awful Aslan. And he wanted to be King only. (Every time that he walked more, he felt a pain more.) The more he walked, the more pain he felt. Finally, he found the witch's house . It was a small castle. He walked on and on, then found the door. (However, he didn't entered the door now.) However, he didn't enter the door then. He felt a little afraid because he saw the great lion. He seemed to stay there for many hours.
After many hours, he started to wonder why the lion was standing still. He thought that the lion was staring at a little dwarf. But it wasn't true. (He knew definitely that the lion was turned into stone because he touched it.) He knew definitely that the lion had been turned into stone because he touched it. He wondered if this was Aslan. He laughed at the lion and he scribbled a moustache on the lion's upper lip. Also he scribbled a pair of spectacles on its eyes. He said, "Yah! Silly old Aslan! How do you like being a stone? You thought yourself mighty fine, didn't you?"
He turned away and began to cross the courtyard. After a few minutes, he saw a wolf. (He seemed it to stone wolf, so he continued to step.) He thought it had been turned into stone too, so he continued to walk. Instantly the wolf said, "Who's there? Who's there? Stand still, stranger, and tell me who you are."
(He said about himself.) He introduced himself. Then the wolf said, " I will tell Her Majesty."
He entered the hall. He saw the faun that saved Lucy but he couldn't help wondering if this might be Lucy's friend.
He met the witch. The witch said with a terrible voice, "How dare you come alone?" He said he did his best and he felt afraid. (So, he decided to say a news.) So he decided to give her some information. (He said about they(Lucy, Peter and Susan) were in the little house with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and Aslan.) He said that Lucy, Peter and Susan were in the little house with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, and Aslan.
She was surprised and then she ordered the dwarf that Edmund had seen to ready her sledge.

==========================My feeling about this chapter=============================
This chapter was very funny. Especially, Edmund's actions were funny. (I miss that he passed Mr. Tumnus.) I wish he recognized Mr. Tumnus. (If he met him, the story was more exciting. ) If he recognized him, the story would have been more exciting.
Also, I was impressed the witch's attitude. The witch's attitude changed a lot!

=====================Setting =====================

The Forest -------------------

Outside the witch's house---------------------

The castle--------------------

The hall-------------------

Chapter 8

------------------------------ STORY SUMMARY---------------------------------------------
Lucy asked Mr. Beaver about Mr. Tumnus. Mr. Beaver said they didn't save him from the witch and they had to visit Aslan. They argued about saving Mr. Tumnus including Mr. Beaver. Mr. Beaver wanted to visit Aslan first and save Mr. Tumnus. But Peter wanted to save Mr. Tumnus first and vist Aslan. They continued for a few minutes.
When Mr. Beaver said "Aslan", suddenly they asked about Aslan. Mr. Beaver said Aslan was king . After they finished talking, they were worried if the witch turned Aslan into stone because she and Aslan were enemies. Mr. Beaver laughed he never was turned into stone. Also Mr. Beaver read an old rhyme: 'Wrong will be right, when Aslan comes in sight, At the sound of his roar, sorrows will be no more, When he bares his teeth, winter meets its death, And when he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again.'
Then he said, "Why, Daughter of Eve, that's what I brought you here for. I'm to lead you where you shall meet him." They asked him if Aslan was a man. Mr. Beaver said sternly he was a man. They were surprised and then they asked him if Aslan was safe. Mr. Beaver said,"Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King. I tell you."
Mr. Beaver said an another old rhyme: 'When Adam's flesh and Adam's bone Sits at Cair Paravel in throne, The evil time will be over and done.'
They knew that the witch would like us to believe that she was a human. But she was born of two creatures. One parent was Adam's first wife, Lilith. The other was one of the giants. So the witch wasn't a real human.

After much time, Lucy suddenly said, "I say---where's Edmund?" Edmund disappeared. At first, they left Mr. Beaver's house in order to find Edmund but they didn't find him. Mr. Beaver said he went to her. They didn't understand how Mr. Beaver knew that Edmund went to her. Mr. Beaver said to Lucy, "Has he been in this country alone before?"
Lucy said, "Yes." Then Mr. Beaver asked, "And did he tell you what he'd done or who he'd met?" Lucy said he didn't. Mr. Beaver said he had already met the White Witch and eaten much of her food. They wanted to save Edmund because he was their brother. Also they were worried about Edmund. Mr. Beaver said the witch will use him as a decoy. Now their problem was how much he could tell her depended on how much he heard. They talked and decided that he knew many things also about Aslan.
They felt they didn't have time. They decided to leave there as soon as possible.

-------------------------------------My feeling of this chapter ---------------------------------
This story proved that Edmund was very stupid.
Edmund was really stupid because he didn't believe their family.
I think that if someone didn't believe their family then he was crazy.
This story was so fun that I wanted to keep reading.

Beavers house

4:45~6 Narnia
6~6:30 Autobiography
8~9:30 Jinny Homework
9:30~11 Harry Potter
11~12 Narnia
12~1 Reading Narnia
1~2 News & 사회 단어 암기

Chapter 7

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy found a beaver. They approached it. When they met the beaver, the beaver asked,"Are you the Sons of Adam and the Daughters of Eve?" They replied in a normal tone that they are human. Suddenly, the beaver said, "S-s-s-sh". They wondered and asked why did the beaver say "S-s-s-sh"? The beaver said there were many spies in here. They moved closer to the beaver.

The beaver's name was Mr. Beaver. The beaver said seriously, "They say Aslan is on the move-------perhaps has already landed."
At that moment, there was silence because they didn't know about Aslan. However, they felt like they were in a dream.

Lucy asked the beaver about Mr. Tumnus, but the beaver didn't say. The beaver said he will bring them to his home. They had quite an adventure on their way to the beaver's house.

After, they arrived at Mr. Beaver's house. The house was made of sticks and mud. They entered the house. There was one beaver. The beaver's name was Mrs. Beaver. She prepared dinner. Lucy and Susan helped Mrs.Beaver to cook dinner. Peter also helped Mr.Beaver to catch fish.

Finally, they ate dinner. While they ate dinner, it snowed and Mr. Beaver said, "That's all the better, because it means we shan't have any visitors; and if anyone should have been trying to follow you, why he won't find any tracks."

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===============The chapter 5 & 6 of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.==========

---story summary---
Edmund and Lucy came back to the Old Professor's house. Edmund wanted to be quiet, because they still played hide-and-seek. However, Lucy yelled at them. Lucy said to them her story was true because Edmund went to Narnia too. But Edmund didn't tell the truth about Narnia and pretended Lucy was really mad. Edmund said this was just for fun. Peter asked him, "What's the matter with her?" and Edmund responded, "But it's all nonsense."
Peter agreed. When Edmund and Peter were arguing, Susan intruded. Susan ordered them to stop talking and to find Lucy. They agreed. After a few minutes, they found Lucy who was crying. This evening, Peter and Susan talked about it after she had gone to sleep. Next morning, Peter and Susan visited the Old Professor's room. They talked to him and they opened their mind about Narnia.

In the old professor's house, the housekeeper, Macready, was not fond of children. A few mornings, Peter and Edmund were looking at the suit of armor and wondering if they could take it apart. Suddenly the two girls said, "Look out! Here comes the Macready and a whole gang with her." They ran off to the empty room and Peter entered the Wardrobe first. All of them entered the Wardrobe.

======================chapter 6======================================
They finally went to Narnia. Peter and Susan didn't believe for a while, and they apologized for not believing her. Lucy forgave them easily.

They wore coats and they walked around by the lamp-post. So Peter gave leadership to Lucy. Lucy led them to Mr.Tumnus's house. When they arrived at Mr.Tumnus's house, they were surprised because he was arrested and his house was destroyed. Lucy decided to save Mr.Tumnus because he saved her. The others agreed. When they left Mr.Tumnus's house they saw a robin. Lucy asked the robin where Mr.Tumnus was. However, it flew tree to tree. Finally, the robin flew somewhere and they ran to the robin.
Edmund didn't trust the robin, so Edmund spoke to Peter. Peter was angry.

=========Feeling summary==============================================
-----Chapters Three & Four -----
Chapter THREE

He said, "I like chocolate".
He said that he likes chocolate.
He talked about liking chocolate.
He talked about his lov of chocolate.

I disappeared the door. XXX
I made the door disappear.

====story summary====
Lucy ran out of the empty room and said she was right.
However, they didn't understand her because they didn't know about Narnia.
She talked about Narnia, but they didn't believe her.
She decided to go to Narnia with them, but she didn't because the backdoor disappeared.
She felt motified and after a few days she was more miserable .
They worried about Lucy. They thought that Lucy was a very truthful girl.
One day, they decided to play hide-and-seek.
Lucy walked to the wardrobe first and Edmund was second.
Edmund expected to find Lucy, but he did not.
So Edmund started to grope because it was too dark to see..
He already felt cold.
He saw a light but he said, "The door must have swung open of its own accord."
He stepped toward Narnia.
He remembered that he had been looking for Lucy and he thought that she must be somewhere very close. He shouted to her, but she didn't answer him.
While Edmund walked, something ran to him.
It was a sledge drawn by two reindeer.
Also there was one dwarf and one woman.
The woman asked Edmund , "What are you?", then he answered , " I'm Edmund. "
The woman frowned because she knew that she was a queen!
The Queen asked him again, "Don't you know the Queen of Narnia?"
Edmund mumbled because he didn't know about Narnia at all.

====Chapter 4===============
The Queen asked him again, "But what are you? Are you a great overgrown dwarf that has cut off its beard?"
Edmund answered no.
And also Edmund answered,"I'm a boy."
Suddenly, she screamed.
Edmund was too confused, so he stood still, saying nothing.
The queen asked him many times about himself, and she knew that he had one brother and two sisters and one sister already went to Narnia. Also she met a Faun.
Her voice became kind and said, "My poor child," She changed her attitude.
She poured a drop of liquid from her bottle on the snow and there was a flash.
There was one jeweled cup on the snow. It was a nice drink for Edmund.
She gave him it and while he drank it, she asked him what food he likes most.
He said, "Turkish Delight, please, your Majesty."
She poured a drop of liquid from her bottle again on the snow. And instantly there appeared a box.
When Edmund opened it, there were a lot of Turkish Delight which was more delicious than any he had ever tasted.
Again, the Queen asked him many times about himself, but he couldn't speak because his mouth full of Turkish Delight.
At last when the Turkish Delight was finished, Edmund really wanted to eat more.
The Queen asked him to please show the his siblings.
Edmund said,"I'll try."
The Queen lured him with a Turkish Delight and her house.
And the Queen said to him he must visit her house with them.
Edmund agreed and asked her for more Turkish Delight.
But the Queen disagreed and said they will meet someday, and she will give him more Turkish Delight.
Edmund separated from her and met Lucy.
Lucy was surprised and happy.
Lucy told to him about the White Witch.
Edmund was surprised because the White Witch had to be the Queen.
Anyway, they went back to the empty room in the old professor's house.
===Idea summary====
These chapters told about Edmund's first trip to Narnia, Lucy's anger, and Edmund's promise to the Queen.

Edmund is stupid boy.
Lucy is a truthful girl and she isn't a liar.

===setting summary===

The Old professor's house

The Empty room

The Wardrobe


The Empty room

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=New words in Chapter 2=
1.puzzle→ to perplex, mystify, bewilder or baffle.

2.delighted→ to please greatly.2 intrans (delight in something) to take great pleasure from it.━ noun 1 great pleasure.2 something or someone that gives great pleasure.

3.melancholy→ a tendency to be gloomy or depressed

4.doubt→ to feel uncertain about something; to be suspicious or show mistrust of it.2 to be inclined to disbelieve something.

5.eternal→ without beginning or end; everlasting

6.reign→ the period during which someone or something rules, is in control or dominates

7.arm in arm→ with arms linked together.

8.entrance→ a way in, eg a door.

9.flaming→ blazing. bright; glowing, particularly a brilliant red.

10.tongs→ a tool consisting of two arms joined by a hinge or pivot, for holding and lifting objects

11.kettle→ a container with a spout, lid and handle, for boiling water.

12.mantelpiece→ the ornamental frame around a fireplace, especially the top part which forms a shelf

13.myth→ an ancient story that deals with gods and heroes, especially one used to explain some natural phenomenon.

14.sardine→ a young pilchard, an important food fish, commonly tinned in oil

15.feast→ a large rich meal, eg to celebrate some occasion.

16.cavern→ a cave

17.beneath→ under; below; in a lower position

18.sorrowful→ a feeling of grief or deep sadness, especially one that arises from loss or disappointment

19.trickle→ to flow or make something flow in a thin slow stream or drops.

20.distress→ to cause distress to someone; to upset someone.2 to give (fabric, furniture, etc) the appearance of being older than it is.
--Chapter 2 What Lucy Found There--
This chapter is about Lucy and the Faun .
The Faun's name is Tumnus. He asked Lucy if she is a girl again and again . He looked delighted because she said yes.
He told to her that this place is Narnia.
She was surprised. He asked her, “How you have come into Narnia?"
She answered,” I got in through the wardrobe in the spare room."
But he misunderstood her response. He heard, "I got in through the War Drobe in the Spare Oom." H e thought that War Drobe is a city and Spare Oom is a country.
Tumnus proposed that Lucy visit his house and have tea with him. She agreed. Then they were going to Tumnus's house.
Suddenly, the path became hilly and rocky.
But she saw the entrance of his house. She thought that it was a very nice place.
They drank tea. The tea tasted delicious. They also ate toast.
Tumnus began to talk. He had wonderful tales. He told about midnight dances and how Nymphs who lived in the wells and the Dryads who lived in the trees, came out to dance with the Fauns and so on.
The tune he played made Lucy want to do many actions all at the same ti
Lucy shook herself and told to him she has to go home. But he said , "No good ."

She heard his voice and jumped up and felt rather frightened.
Suddenly Tumnus's brown eyes had filled with tears and then the tears began to trickle down.
Lucy worried about them because she felt afraid and he looked sad. Lucy tried to put her arms round him and lent him her handkerchief, but he did not stop crying . Later, Lucy asked him,"What on earth are you crying about?" And he said," I'm crying because I'm such a bad Faun."
Lucy told him she thought that he wasn't a bad Faun.
Tumnus told her to tell the truth; he kidnapped her and would hand her over to the White Witch.
However, Lucy didn't believe that.
Lucy still wanted to go home and Tumnus decided to take her home.
Therefore, they left Tumnus's house. They quickly arrived at the lamppost in the middle of the wood.
Tumnus said to her that you have to go to the Spare Oom as fast as you can.

She ran to the wardrobe and arrived in the empty room.
She said to Peter , Susan and Edmund, "I'm here. I've come back, I'm all right."


This chapter is very exciting.
Lucy is a very innocent girl.
Tumnus is a kind Faun.


This events of this chapter take place in Narnia and the old professor's house.

1. Lamppost
2.Tumnus's house
3. Lamppost
4. Wardrobe
5. Emptyroom

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These are new words about "The LION, the WITCH and the WARDROBE"

1. shaggy → a lot of hair

2. odd-looking → if you describe someone or something as odd-looking, you think that they look strange or unusual.

3. splendid → very good

4. bad-tempered → not very cheerful and gets angry easily.

5. chap → a man or boy; a fellow

6. anyway → used as a sentence connector or when resuming an interrupted piece of dialogue: and so

7. passage → a route through; a corridor, narrow street, or channel.

8. creepy → slightly scary; spooky; eerie

9. stag → an adult male deer, especially a red deer. a small stocky burrowing mammal with a short tail and short powerful legs, especially a European species with white fur on its head and two broad black stripes running from behind its ears to the tip of its muzzle.

10. apart → in or into pieces

11. grumbling → to complain in a bad-tempered way

12. meantime → the time or period in between; the intervening time

13. wireless → a radio.

14. spare → kept for occasional use

15. looking glass → old use a mirror

16. moth-ball → a small ball of camphor or naphthalene that is hung in wardrobes, etc to keep away the CLOTHES MOTH

17. rub → to apply pressure and friction to something by moving one’s hand or an object backwards and forwards over its surface

18. rubber → any of various natural or synthetic polymers characterized by their elasticity, strength and resilience, obtained from the latex of certain plants, especially the rubber tree, or manufactured artificially from petroleum and coal products.

19. enormous → extremely large; huge

20. stoop → to bend the upper body forward and down

21. extremely → very high, or highest, in degree or intensity.

22. queer → strange or unusual.

23. prickly → covered with or full of prickles

24. snowflake → any of the single small feathery clumps of crystals of frozen water vapour that make up snow

25. inquisitive → over-eager to find out things, especially about other people’s affairs.

26. glimpse → to see something or someone momentarily

27. lamp-post → a tall post that supports a streetlamp

28. pitter-patter → the sound of pattering, with this sound

29. glossy → smooth and shiny. superficially attractive. said of a magazine:printed on glossy paper.

30.neatly → tidy; clean; orderly

31.trailing → drag or be dragged loosely along the ground or other surface

32.beard → the hair that grows on a man’s chin and neck

33.parcel → something wrapped in paper, etc and secured with string or sticky tape; a package

34.Faun → Roman mythol a mythical creature with a man’s head and body and a goat’s horns, hind legs and tail

35.gracious → kind and polite

36.pointed → having or ending in a point
TODAY IS 07/23/2006 SUNDAY

The first chapter of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is about Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy who move away to the old professor's house from their parents because of the battle.
Peter is the oldest of all. Susan is the second oldest of all. Edmund is the third oldest of all. Lucy is the youngest of all.
Peter said, let's explore this city together.
Unfortunately, their next day was rainy, so they decided to explore the old profess-or's house.
While they were exploring the old professor's house, they enjoyed exploring it.
They entered one room. There was nothing but a old wardrobe.
Everbody but Lucy left the room. Lucy thought this wardrobe would be worth exploring , although it locked.
Lucy opened the wardrobe's door easily and she walked into the wardrobe.
She saw there were hanging many fur coats. She pushed the fur coats and continued. She felt the wardrobe was so wide. She saw the backdoor and opened it.
She was surprised. She felt cold. Also she saw branches. She stepped by the lamp-post that in the middle of the wood.
When she was stading there, someone approached her. He was a little taller than Lucy and he had an umbrella. Also he was like a man from the waist upward, but his legs were shaped like goat's legs. It was a Faun! He wore a red muffler around his neck . He had two horns on his head and many parcels under his arm.
When he saw Lucy, he dropped his parcels and shouted, "Goodness gracious me!"

This story's main characters are Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy.
This chapter introduces the characters, including Lucy who explores the new world.
Lucy is a curious girl. Edmund is a nervous boy. Peter is a leader. Susan looks like their mom.


The events of this chapter take place in the old professor's house.

1. Old professor's house
2. Girl's room in the Old professor's house
3. Empty room
4. Wardrobe
5. New world
6. Lamppost in the new world

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My name is Hee-Joon. I live in Toronto with another family now. I was in Korea 6 days ago. I am 14 years old. There are 3 members of my family in Korea. After 2 months, I will move to London, Ontario with them.

I learn english with Michael. I meet Michael on Monday, Thursday and Friday. I will learn by reading a book, writing a book report , conducting interviews and keeping a list of new words.

I have to know a lot of words. So I make a list of new words. The following is my list of new words:

1. elaborate to write about in detail.

2. plural more than one

3. conduct to direct the course of; manage or control

4. expand to increase the size, volume, quantity, or scope of; enlarge.

5. mockery the act of making fun of; ridicule

6. tease to make fun of.

7. poverty the state of being poor.

8. separation The act or process of separating

9.escapade adventure

10. synonym same in meaning

11 bankrupt without money

12. newsstand a place selling newspapers; a small store selling newspapers

I will read the book " The LION, the WITCH and the WARDROBE".